Leprechauns on the Loose!

Leprechauns Author: 8 Year Old Student

One sunny day in March, I was waiting for lunch when I saw a green flash in the clock. I went to see what it was. When I was close to the green flash it went somewhere else.

Later that day it was art time. I went to get my paints and brush all of the sudden there was the green flash, it ran away. Just then,Talia yelled, "I saw a leprechaun in the window!" Then I said, "That was the green flash!"

An hour later it was lunch. So I got my lunch box. When I got to the cafeteria and opened my lunch box, every single thing in my lunch box had a bite in it.

Later it was reading time some of us got to go in the magic tree house. I got to. While I was reading I heard a snore. I moved some books and saw that leprechaun again.

Clearly that leprechaun had a great day!