Write a paragraph about magnets. Tell what they can do and what they look like. Describe their special force. If you give the name of a book about magnets, be sure to underline the title. You may choose to use one of the following topic sentences, or write one of your own:

  • Magnets have a force that you cannot see.
  • Books can give you ideas for learning about magnets.
  • Magnets have different shapes, sizes, and strengths.

Science Article: Magnet Tricks

Author: 8 Year Old Student

Magnets have many different shapes, sizes, and strengths. There are V shaped magnets, bar magnets, and square magnets.

Did you know that big magnets can pull train cars? Magnets have force that you can not see. It's called magnetic force. The force can pull stuff such as iron, steel, and metals.

Ms. Net made a great book. Clearly you can see I learned a lot about magnets from Ms. Net's book.

Teacher's comment: Nice Work!